Sunday, July 3, 2011

What you should know about Crystal Reports ?

1. How do add a parameter field (Selection Formula)
First add a parameter field Parameter Fields ->New ->Give name and value .
Right Click anywhere on the report,  Report ->Selection Formula ->Record.
The selection formula will be something like
{StoredProcedure3;1.Product_name} = {?paramField}
where paramField is the parameter field you have given and LHS is the field from datasource
Put the condition and save.

2. How to use a SQL Stored Procedure  ?
It will appear in the  OLE DB (ADO) connection, simple can be used as a table.

3. How to add a  subreport ?
Right click on the report anywhere ,  Insert->Subreport

Choose Report

If you want OnDemand sub report , check the On-Demand sup-report check box.

4. How to add a summary field on a section ?

Simply right click on the section, Insert->Summary, choose appropriate fields , and press OK.

Remember that you can add
Parameter Field, Running Total Field, Formula field ,special fields and group name fields

PArameter - > report parameter
running total-> total of a column groupwise/pagewise/total
formula-> to apply a formula, e.g. {Product.Product_price} * {OrderDetails.OrderDetails_qty}
special fields are like page numer, total page count, date , print time , etc

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