Sunday, July 3, 2011

Crystal Report Concepts

Suppose I want to produce a report something like following

Order details for each order, grouped by customers, sorted by date ASC

Each row will contail OrderId, ProductName, Qty, UnitPrice , ItemPrice

After each group end , there will be a total of customers orders.

1. Insert a group on CustomerID or name

2. Add a formula field called ItemTotal with the formula

{Product.Product_price} *{OrderDetails.OrderDetails_qty}

3. Add a Running Total Field say Rtotal0 with following properties :

Field To Summarize : @ItemTotal
Evaluate : For each record
Reset : On Change of group

Place this field on GroupFooterSection


I want to find Maximum and minimum of group values, say
max itemprice and min itemprice.

You need to define two formula fields and place them on the
Maximum ({@ItemTotal})

In formulas, field names are enclosed within "{}" curly brackets
and non-table fields are preceded with "@" symbol

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