Sunday, May 26, 2013

MVC uses other design patterns ....

A good point to ponder over; is this really so ?

Design Patterns in MVC 

Even though MVC is design pattern itself, the entire MVC framework contains some design patterns itself. Below is a list of design parrens used in MVC (or Asp.Net MVC) regardless the platforms. Detaild description of these patterns in MVC are out of the scope of this post, I am sure you can google and could know much more about them.   
Front ControllerConsolidates all request handling by channeling requests through a central controller.
StrategyThe View-Controller relationship, The way conroller hookup view at runtime.
Factory MethodSpecify the default controller class for a view
DecoratorIn the context of MVC, decorator could fit into your views.
ObserverOne Model, Multiples views ( observers/subscribers ), and the publisher manages the communication
MediatorSeveral different Models, Several views, and the mediator manages the communications between them.

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