Thursday, March 24, 2011

Silverlight Business Application Tutorial

Content="{Binding Path=Strings.ProductsTitle,      Source={StaticResource ApplicationResources}}"
Note Both the values : [Strings.ProductsTitle]
 and [StaticResource ApplicationResources]

2. Reference the Domain Service in Client App as  :
        Dim x As New BusinessApplication1.DomainService1
        Me.dg1.ItemsSource = x.Products

--When you add a EF model, build the "Web" project

--when you add the DomainService, buid the project

--Add the DomainService in "Services" folder

--When referencing the DomainService in the "Application" project,
 see that you use something like "BusinessApplication1.DomainService1"
 because the namespace "BusinessApplication1.Web.Services" and
 the variable "BusinessApplication1.Web.Services.ProductContext" is not
 available in "Application" project, because the DomainService is in the
 default namespace of "BusinessApplication" and not in
 If you want to use "BusinessApplication1.Web.Services" namespace
 then you need to go to ".vb" or ".vc"  file of the service
 and change the namespace

Dim x As New BusinessApplication1.DomainService1
Me.dg1.ItemsSource = x.Products'ProductsContext _pContext;'private void Page_Loaded(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)'{ _pContext = new ProductsContext(); 'this.dg1.ItemsSource = _pContext.Products;' _pContext.Load(_pContext.GetProductsQuery());====================

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